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Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here. And AI is fast becoming an integral part of how businesses operate across the world. Many are apprehensive of the change however and are fearful that AI will replace jobs. Although, research has shown us

Machine Learning started its journey as a simple technology, with simple algorithms. Now, when we hear about this concept, we think about something more complex, and that’s what we should do. The skeptics would say that technology invaded our lives.

The well-known drones, Miniature Pilotless Aircraft, Flying Mini Robots or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are rapidly growing in popularity. They are still in the first stages of adoption, but many industries started to implement such technologies to break traditional barriers. In

The Internet of Things can be explained as the connection of devices to the internet using various software and sensors to enable communication and the exchange of data with one another. In other words, IoT makes the worldwide open to

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - two concepts and technologies with massive impact on the business world and our daily lives. We're not surprised to see how fast these technologies have grown. If we analyze the latest gadgets we can

For many years, scientists have tried to find out if humans are the only beings that can think on their own and are as intelligent. After a long journey and discoveries, it seems like machines can become as intelligent, in

How far do you think that AI has grown? What else can be achieved with the help of intelligent machines? Well, it is almost endless. The current status of AI is impressive. The usage of AI-powered technologies is spread across various

Machine Learning is a hot topic today. The implementation of such algorithms in various industries has helped companies automate many tasks, letting people concentrate on the core business processes. However, people without a technical background might not understand what this technology

We’ve been discussing a lot about AI and ML lately. And there’s no wonder why. They have given people and companies the opportunity to reach unexpected capacities. I talked about this topic in other infographics that I made for you,

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