A simple search for the term “Free VPNs” on the Google Play Store reveals over 250 apps that provide access to a virtual

5G technology rises at a relatively short time since we all started using mobile phones. The benefits of such devices were tremendous at

Diverse industries leverage the potential of AI technology to improve products and services, and here is how we got intelligent cars. As the

Last week I posted a new infographic on the blog showing impressive statistics about Artificial Intelligence. As mentioned then, my analysis on the

In the new ‘normal’ of 2020, companies are forced to move their businesses online and many decided

Most businesses today utilize Cloud to run a significant part of their workload. In essence, their decision

In the current critical landscape where companies are struggling to ensure continuity, cloud computing security promises to

This subject is a dilemma faced by system administrators and business users alike, with many having difficulty

Growing concerns around the impact and scale of COVID-19 are the main topics of discussion nowadays. With

At the core of all new exciting technologies stands IT, and experts are constantly working on improving

The transition toward smart cities has already begun, and in some ways, it can’t go quickly enough. Our

With the rapid technological developments and the constant changes in business needs, companies are focusing on increasing

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