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Automation is the new game-changer in the business world

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Automation is the new game-changer in the business world

Nowadays, the ability to cut costs strongly motivates companies to increase automation but in the future it will be more important to be able to generate more revenue after implementing automation. Additionally, the latest research released by Forrester shows that 40% of enterprises will have automation centers and frameworks by the end of 2019.  Taking everything into account, let’s see how automation is redefining the business world as we know it.


  • 2D art

    August 30, 2021

    Thanks for the information. To date, the gaming industry has reached a great pace. And even more, is spent on this area of entertainment. Now the developers of computer games are making very decent money. I know this very well as I am developing 2D art for future games. It is very profitable.

  • Mazrch

    May 14, 2023

    Hello. I want to get to 3D modelling but the software I want for it is quite expensive. c4d r19 is the one. Can I get it cheaper somewhere?

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