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There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market. That's why an absolute beginner and prospective investor might find it hard to comprehend where to best put their money. If you’re trying to get into cryptocurrencies yourself, it’s imperative that you

In much the same way that employers judiciously vet job applicants to determine who might be most fit to work for their organization, financial institutions must evaluate potential clients thoroughly before allowing them to open accounts, apply for loans, or

Online safety is more important than ever before due to the increased usage of the internet. Both adults and children use the internet in various ways every day. This is why it is crucial to make sure that you and

Implementing employee monitoring software can be challenging. While the software itself is very user-friendly nowadays, implementing it will invariably raise various privacy, ethical, and security concerns.If you want to get around those problems and have a much smoother time implementing

Statista reports that 4.57 billion people are active Internet users, making up almost 60% of the entire world's population. More than just impacting our daily lives, going digital has been at the heart of millions of innovations in hundreds of

While the financial circumstances are ushering many decision-makers to cut costs, investing in software services to add more technology to your business operations can help your company in the long term. The fast pace of digital transformation is pressing many

While most of the tech companies have seen the social and economic opportunities of deploying AI-based technologies, the concept of living in a world driven by AI is still something not only businesses but also global leaders have to work

As more innovative technologies drive IT development, conventional cloud platforms face the challenge of quickly processing large volumes of data. Using local computer resources and reducing bandwidth issues, fog computing emerged on the market as a more efficient way to

As more innovative technologies are booming, the high demand for cloud computing and big data is driving the open-source development. Recent statistics show that the open-source services market is expected to grow into a 30-billion-dollar industry by 2022. Since this

Technology continues to evolve at a fast pace, making the gaming industry challenging because of consumer behaviors and the ways they engage with and through games are also changing constantly. According to the most recent gaming statistics, while mobile gaming

Small and Medium businesses fuel a large part of the global economy. Since COVID-19 has started, everything has been challenging for SMB’s. It is essential to monitor this business sector and how it is progressing as they move into digital

As companies worldwide are embarking on their digital transformation journey, they understand the crucial role that data and analytics are playing in their digitization efforts. According to the 2018 Global State of Enterprise Analytics Report published by Microstrategy, 71% of

As companies start to transform into digitally-driven businesses, they discover the importance of having IT networks capable of supporting their evolution. One of the first actions they should take when starting their digital transformation journey is to replace their legacy

The fast ascension of emerging technologies and accelerated innovation has lately been a trend in most enterprises. The reason behind is related to COVID-19 consequences, where most of these businesses had to move their activities onto a remote system. Decision-makers

In the new ‘normal’ of 2020, companies are forced to move their businesses online and many decided to enhance their remote working strategy with cloud infrastructure capabilities. This shift towards adopting a digital workspace is not a fad, In fact,

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