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Cloud Computing implementation tips

cloud computing implementation

Cloud Computing implementation tips

Cloud computing implementation is still a hot topic. The latest CloudEndure report on cloud migration revealed that the usage of the cloud – public, private or hybrid – will continue to increase year after year. Also, the Gartner report found that organizations will invest aggressively in cloud-first strategies and architecture. And this trend includes all industries and companies that are invested in technology and development.

Many companies still use on-premise models, this is a challenge for most because they need to understand how it fits into the businesses processes and where the advantages are.

Here is a list of what you should be aware when moving to the cloud.

Tip 1. Choose something suitable, not popular

One of the challenges companies have when it comes to cloud implementation is working their way through the myriad of solutions available on the market. Even if the first instinct is to implement something that worked for someone else, the right approach is to focus on your own business’s unique needs. That means you should research and deploy a solution that solves your specific problem.

Tip 2. Traditional criteria for purchasing

Just because they are an approved vendor it does not mean that is the best solution for your company.  You should not rely only on the principle of “tried and tested”, consider criteria like integration into other solutions, how easy will this be for your users and the expected ROI.

Tip 3. Developing a device’s network

Adopting a unified communications strategy is the best option for companies. They all should include a mobile working solution.  Considering a unified approach will improve the user experience, and allow companies to develop applications for every type of device they might use.

Tip 4. Cloud computing implementation needs a backup plan

Not considering the potential problems and how companies will address them in the shortest time possible is one of the most common mistakes made when planning a move. There could be an unexpected impact in years to come. Even if you’re working with a great team, including a risk solution into the cloud strategy will ensure companies are prepared.

Enterprises that choose to implement cloud services should understand that there is no magic recipe to fit every business. The strategy will vary from a company to another, depending on the specific requirements and needs, and the way companies want to operate in the future leveraging the cloud.

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