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A Windows OS for the Clouds

A Windows OS for the Clouds

The software produced by Microsoft is usually largely adopted by enterprises, but personal users have lately started to look for more agile and light-weighted technologies, with the help of Apple and Google.

Although Microsoft has been one of the first players to step on the cloud computing scene with Azure, it is generally regarded as being relatively late to develop efficient cloud technologies for personal use.

Since Microsoft Office is already shifting towards the clouds, Microsoft takes a new step forward and it is trying to meets these needs by attempting to develop its next generation of operating systems. Windows 8 appears to offer a very cloud friendly environment. Furthermore, Microsoft is set to offer all of its new software on cloud as well as on premise from now on.

Windows 8 will be used for desktops, laptops and tablets and will allows users to interconnect them. Since the vast majority of PC users work on multiple computers, it would only make sense for Microsoft to embrace this feature. Probably its main improvement is cloud integration, through its “roaming profile”.

If you login from any device with Windows 8, through the ”roaming profile” and cloud synchronization, your settings will appear on the device, as files will be synced with a cloud service. I personally cannot help but wonder how much similar will this feature be with iCloud?

  • Here are some other main features that Windows 8 will contain, highly rumored to be a cloud operating system:There will be a Windows App Store.
  • Access to the Azure online storage service is integrated.
  • The new UI, called Metro, will launch apps instantly.
  • The new OS will run faster. Its increased performance will dramatically improve the browsing on the Internet and web apps’ speed.

Software developers can also develop apps for the Windows App Store. The Windows 8 Developer Preview was already made available for install on virtualization platforms such us the VMware workstation.

Cloud computing is getting so big that even Microsoft (which develops the world’s most renowned OS) tries to adapt its latest OS to include cloud features. They are rumored to want to reinvent the operating systems market, but they have fierce competition from the Google Chrome OS and Apple iOS. We will know for sure in late 2012, when it is rumored to be released.

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