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New e-commerce services bundle from CloudCraze

New e-commerce services bundle from CloudCraze

Looking for an enterprise eCommerce application that offers a comprehensive administrative suite to dynamically manage catalog content and promotions? I just found out about CloudCraze, which has just launched its 3.0 version introducing an e-commerce service bundle on the Salesforce platform.

It’s a well known fact that for the past three years CloudCraze assisted Salesforce using software in an unmanaged mode, functioning as an add-on without official Salesforce participation. However, CloudCraze 3.0 has the reliability and scalability fundamental to the Salesforce platform. Its new Salesforce bundle combines customer service, marketing, sales and e-commerce and it allows all users from one company to see the same customer, product and pricing data.

 Amongst the new features of CloudCraze 3.0, designed to meet the needs of marketers, there are:

·         Configurable user interface

·         Multiple storefront administration

·         Comprehensive merchandising and catalog content management

·    Support for all product types including bundles, service and training products and subscriptions

·         Customer Address Book

·         Standardized integration interfaces

·         OEM bundle including all needed licensing

 CloudCraze 3.0 is now available to users as a Salesforce OEM and embodies the benefits of Salesforce’s CRM abilities in its “managed package” bundle. Taking advantage of the cloud scalability and ease of use, there is no need for professional coders and it provides continuous patches and automatic upgrades.

 I was happy to hear that CloudCraze also offers key social media features, such as built-in controls for Twitter and Facebook, and the ability to pin any cataloged product on Pinterest, thus integrating the cloud, ecommerce and social media in one easy to use platform.

Like I previously mentioned, cloud apps are becoming increasingly complex and popular and I believe that CloudCraze has the potential to become mainstream.

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