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Early on Machine learning used to be something that happened behind the scenes. Large companies invested massively in creating smart search engines, which displayed recommendations according to your previous clicks and they would place ads where it’s the most likely

Machine learning isn’t something new to the companies, but technological advances and the massive investments have made it available and accessible to every entrepreneur, no matter how large the business is. According to Forrester’s study, machine learning investments will increase

Social Media has been evolving massively in the past few years. We are all using it now, and it allows us to connect with everybody around the world almost immediately. But each piece of technology has its dark side, and

Companies that are succeeding are most likely leveraging big data. Implementing it can be a complicated technical process, big data has benefits but in order to utilize big data, enterprises have to be able to store and process it, and

Machine learning give companies competitive advantages by creating new products, services, and business models. There has been a lot of press around ML and it is easy to understand why people would want to jump in and start using this

The age of the cloud technology industry is happening now. Many enterprises are already using this technology to increase their efficiency, and others are planning to adopt this strategy as you’re reading this article. Cloud computing has changed businesses and

As you may guess, an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a paradigm about the information processing influenced by the biological nervous system, such as the brain. The key factor of this model is a new and improved structure. Like the

I cannot stop thinking about machine learning and plan on writing many more articles on this topic.  This technology is rapidly evolving, artificial intelligence will soon be weaved into everything around us. A few years ago, the movie “Her” hit

Big players like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Google and Netflix are experts in using machine learning. Using machine learning has become attractive for every industry. I have already shared one of my previous articles on how machine learning has reshaped the

The fast pace development of new technology has changed the way we do business today. It is easier now to create, to communicate and engage leveraging computer mediated strategies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now the technology trend. AI is a

The manufacturing sector is one of the largest industries that continues to grow consistently. In 2016, it accounted for approximately 16% of the Global GDP and contributed $2.18 trillion to the U.S economy. What is driving this rapid development? Well,

Watching the rapid pace of technological developments, throughout the last couple of years, makes me think that we’ve reached another major turning point for our society.  Artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, all of these innovations have made our lives

If you decided to move your data to a cloud environment, you’ve made a good decision. However, to do it successfully, you need to understand just how important the data migration process is. I can tell you from experience it

According to a recent study conducted by Walker, by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. I am sure that we already know how important customer experience is and how it can improve any

The Robots are here! During the last couple of years, Big Data and ML have changed the entire business landscape and reshaped everything we knew was possible. In this article we will discuss machine learning and how you can leverage

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