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Cognitive technologies gaining more space in modern companies

cognitive technologies

Cognitive technologies gaining more space in modern companies

For many years, scientists have tried to find out if humans are the only beings that can think on their own and are as intelligent. After a long journey and discoveries, cognitive technologies used by machines can become as intelligent, in some cases more intelligent than people. Those discoveries have made possible it possible to create applications and interactive gadgets that will analyze things and events in the same way as a human being.

We call this artificial intelligence cognitive technologies. They are able to learn, to analyze and interact with people. In short, they can mimic the functions of a human brain. Given this insight, would they be capable of replacing humans? Well, yes. But at the same time, there will still be sophisticated tasks that require human attention to details.

In the infographic below you can read more about these technologies, how they work, why are companies implementing them, but also challenges encountered by people in implementing such technology.

Cognitive technologiesCognitive technologiesDo you think that cognitive technologies will have a more significant impact on the workforce? Leave your comments in the section below.

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