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DevOps – A Fine Touch

DevOps – A Fine Touch

DevOps is considered to be among the most efficient approaches in the software engineering process by enhancing collaboration through communication.  Years ago, before this methodology was deployed, each member of the software development team had their own tasks that needed to be fulfilled.  Often, this was not shared with colleagues. The Dev team was in charge of creating the code while the Ops team was handling the product deployment, without intersecting one with another along the process. The lack of collaboration and communication lead to the rise of a new and successful title, which we call DevOps.


Follow your business goals, successfully

DevOps fills a large part and in the evolution of agile software development, where both development and operations teams are working closely together with a single objective in mind – Deliver high-quality solutions in a efficient manner.  There are many benefits of introducing DevOps into your business culture.

From a business perspective, one of the primary objectives is to keep customers satisfied. Well, DevOps is the methodology that not only enables a more efficient and streamlined software development process, but also keeps your end-users engaged.

From a cultural perspective, DevOps is the approach that brings employees closer, enhancing their collaboration and communication. The results? You will have happier and more productive teams that work together to increase your existing and business opportunities.

Finally, from a technical point of view, DevOps is the method that enables a continuous software delivery model while reducing management complexity.

Whether you are looking at DevOps from a business, cultural or technical perspective, it definitely has the ability to improve the application development lifecycle by delivering solutions with maximum speed, innovation, and functionality. Remember, 200x more frequent deployments, 24x faster recovery times and 3x less failure rates.


Forget everything you know and start from scratch

This is what you have to do if you’ve decided to establish a DevOps culture within your company. I am talking about reorganizing your business goals, project approaches and most of all, persuade your employees to work for a common purpose – Deliver high-quality services. How you do this? Well, even if there are no standard rules for implementing a DevOps culture, there are still some golden pieces of advice that could make this job easier and more effective:

  • Don’t be afraid of change – The fear of approaching a new strategy or alter the way of thinking is the old way, and unfortunately, it still keeps people away from making brave decisions that probably would propel their business to a whole new level. So, first of all, you need to put aside every prejudgement that you might have developed along the way and open your mind to a new and better approach.
  • Communication is the key to success – The pillar on which the DevOps culture is built is communication. Every part of the software development process must be discussed, analyzed and adjusted if necessary.
  • Measure to learn – DevOps is known for delivering impactful ROI metrics. However, before achieving this, you need to know where to start. Measuring and understanding how well your current software development process is functioning, is be a great way of making it even better.

The DevOps concept is all about collaboration, and communication, enabling you and your employees to work smarter and deliver better.  Please share your thoughts?

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