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Infographic – The Future of Internet of Things

Infographic – The Future of Internet of Things

Internet of Things has completely changed the way we do business and most of all, the way we think and act. Everybody knows this, and I already covered this subject in several of my previous articles. The IoT market has reached staggering numbers, and it will continue to grow even bigger, peaking around 20.8 billion by 2021 according to Gartner. Every industry has seized, with great success, the opportunity that this concept has to offer, and received measurable results. Also, besides the industrial impact, connected devices also bring meaningful changes in areas such as infrastructural management, energy and healthcare management, environmental monitoring and many others. As I am fascinated by everything related to the Internet of Things, I usually dig after interesting facts and figures and search new developments into this subject. While doing this, I’ve come across an enticing infographic that highlights how exactly IoT affects our everyday life. Not only that it shares interesting facts and data, but it also provides examples, making the IoT concept much easier to understand. Did you know that a wildlife tracking collar systems tracks and protects the last 2000 lions living in Southern Kenya? All thanks to IoT and its magic touch.

Infographic source: https://www.websiteguide.io/internet-of-things/

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