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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: A Historical Approach

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: A Historical Approach

We’ve been discussing a lot about AI and ML and their impact in the history. And there’s no wonder why. They have given people and companies the opportunity to reach unexpected capacities.

I talked about this topic in other infographics that I made for you, and you were as surprised as I was. AI and ML have a history on impacting many industries, and that’s a good thing because the services and products they offer are better suited for the consumer thanks to the analytical capacity of those technologies.

But have you wondered how AI and ML were presented in the history, who created them and where? Surprisingly, the concepts and the mathematical formulas that were used in the development of machine learning and deep learning technologies date back in the ‘80s. Also, this evolution faces some impediments due to the slow discovery process.

But things got better, and in the infographic below you can find a short history of the evolution of intelligent technology.

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Do you have any other event from the past that impacted the evolution of technology? Leave your comment in the section below


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