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Infographic | Top mobile threats for 2019

mobile threats

Infographic | Top mobile threats for 2019

We’ve been discussing a lot about cloud security, IoT security and other types of security, but do you know the threats you are carrying with you in the pocket? Yes, I’m referring to mobile threats and the risks that come with using a mobile device. 

Scams and attacks target the mobile devices we are using every day. The BYOD (bring your own device) policy is a challenge for many organizations as it is bringing more risks into the equation. Still, this is something companies started to embrace as the primary method to decrease operational costs inside the business. 

But as we know, each problem or challenge has at least one solution, and the one I always suggest to the readers is to stay informed and aware of the potential risks. Below I gathered information about the top mobile threats we are likely to experience this year. Read on to find out more?

How prepared are you to face these potential attacks from mobile threats? Leave your comment in the section below.

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