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San Francisco AI Summit

Ai summit

San Francisco AI Summit

Artificial Intelligence is one of my passionate subjects when it comes to new blog articles. AI summits are also important in my daily life because it has been adopted in almost every industry and it represents a real opportunity for every business. Moreover, the last few years were marked by significant developments in this technology field, so it deserves the attention.

Well, keeping in mind all those aspects, I decided to attend to an important AI summit which will take place this month in San Francisco. I’m thrilled to go there and meet people as passionate as me. That is one of the most important AI summits, and I would like to share with you some information about it.

The AI Summit San Franciso is the first and biggest conference in the world organized to solve real and practical implications of AI for corporate organizations. The event will mostly present the groundbreaking solutions that are improving business productivity nowadays, and they will continue to transform them in the future.

Moreover, the AI Summit is the pioneer show in the AI space and the only open to qualified business leaders. It is not an event organized for students or the general public. It has its clear target as I mentioned before. The quality of this summit is simply unrivaled.

AI Summit in numbers

To understand how important is this event, I’ll write here some of the supporters and partners: Amazon Alexa, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Watson, Microsoft, Intel, and other large enterprises around the world. We can also mention the following aspects:

  • 2000+ of the most senior business CxOs, AI start-up innovators, AI visionaries, and acclaimed researchers;
  • 2000+ delegates;
  • 120+ speakers;
  • 60+ conference sessions;
  • 50+ sponsors and exhibitors;
  • 80+ press and media;
  • 12000+ networking meetings;

Those numbers are impressive if you ask me. The situation is the same in every city. Yes, there is more than one event around the world. The San Francisco edition is the first one that will open the series, and it will be followed by the Singapore edition (October) and New York edition (December) this year. Also, next year will be two more events, in London (June) and Hong Kong (July). The list will continue to grow taking into account the importance of AI lately.

Accommodation and flight assistance

An event like this will always have a team to think of everything before it. In this case, the organizers thought that the participants would need to stay somewhere during the conferences and also need to plan the flights. They have a partnership with HotelMap, which is the world’s largest hotel booking technology platform, which gives the participant the option to choose between more than eight hotels in the vicinity of the venue. United Airlines also support the event by offering discounts on flight booking.

As you can tell, I’m excited to attend AI summit San Francisco. I will try to share with you as much as possible after the event. Until then, do not hold back on any questions.

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