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Virtual Reality – A reality for your business

Virtual Reality – A reality for your business

virtual-reality-a-reality-for-your-businessVirtual reality is the slam dunk of 2016. However, I am not sure how many people know that virtual reality has over 100 years of existence. In 1900, a basic form of VR managed to mimic turbulences a pilot might encounter during a real flight, laying the foundation of what we call today a flight simulator. Since then, this technology evolved little by little until it broke the barriers of our imagination.

Virtual Reality reshaping businesses

Today, virtual reality is more than just technology, it represents our way of living and doing business. It has opened new doors that allow us to develop new technologies, and improving our overall lives. Industries like healthcare, military, automotive and many more have been touched by VR’s magic wand. I would like to share with you some ways in which VR can bring magic in to our daily businesses.

Reducing business travel

This might not sound like an exciting idea, but trust me, it is.  Just consider the huge amount of money that most businesses spend each year on business travel. According to a recent report, companies spend around $31.6 Billion on international business group trips each year. Virtual reality is able to save big and break the geographical barriers. Instead of having to travel to other parts of a country, you can have a face-to-face meeting without ever leaving your office.

Increase customer experience

A business’s success is measured in customer satisfaction. Meeting your client’s requests, demands and desires is a challenge many companies face along the way. Using Virtual reality in Retail and manufacturing industries, virtual showrooms allow customers a real experience from the comfort of their homes and offices. Not to mention the 360 degree views of a product which completely revolutionizes a customer’s experience.

Streamlined employee training

We all know that training is an essential part of any business and is the foundation of a strong and sound organizational culture. Virtual reality has become an essential tool in this process, making it more engaging. Trainees can virtually interact with objects, or people, making the training session much more aggregable.

Bottom line, virtual reality might be the grand slam of the last couple of years, and it won’t stop there. Business from all industries will have endless possibilities to understand their customers, streamline their processes and to increase their communication abilities. It’s a matter of time. Just wait and see!

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