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Internet of Things and Big Data – The Perfect 2017 Duo

Internet of Things and Big Data – The Perfect 2017 Duo

cogwheel-145804_1280Internet of Things and Big Data were big game changers for 2016.  Whether we are talking about industries like financial, healthcare, manufacturing, or automotive, these two technologies brought significant benefits and solved problems that plagued companies in the past. Here are some of the benefits:

Improved customer expectations – A business’s success is measured in its customer satisfaction. Before IoT and Big Data made their entrance into our lives, meeting customers demand and giving them exactly what they needed has always been a challenge. Yesterdays challenge is todays advantage. Big Data allowed us access to a magnitude of information  allowing us to gather data for specific customer segments and offer them exactly what they need.

Improved security – This is a major challenge that businesses around the globe have in common. Even if IoT and Big Data didn’t entirely solve the security issue, it gave us confidence we were headed in the right direction. Using big data analysis, we can detect anomalies and sophisticated attack vectors which might be difficult to identify without this technology.

In 2017, the Internet of Things and Big Data will work together, helping businesses all over the world to cope with the high amount of information, connected devices and cyber threats. Here are some thoughts:

Big Data and IoT strategic partners

Big Data and IoT will continue their spectacular evolution they enjoyed in the last couple of years. However, in 2017, we will see a stronger collaboration between them to deliver better results, helping businesses evolve: self-service data will unlock big data’s full value, automated data onboarding will become a requirement, and cybersecurity will be the primary Big Data use case.

The cognitive era of computing will make its entrance

Real-time intelligence will become a real thing, and we might see it in 2017. Artificial intelligence, business intelligence, real-time analytics and machine learning will join their forces to deliver remarkable performance without any schema or index.

Metadata’s next move

The way companies manage their data will definitely improve in the year to come, as metadata will make the ultimate move. We will be able to see how data is being used and what is out of date and organize them to different storage resources, in a much easier way.

Enabling data at the edge

Companies will change their approach and will start to implement solutions that will enable data to be employed exactly where it’s generated and where business processes take place. Deriving value from data will be much easier in 2017.

New wave of cloud computing coming

Cloud adoption will still be riding the wave. However, migrating old systems to the cloud in the past was not an easy task. We all are aware of this. The main problem that might appear when moving a critical application to a new environment is that the network capabilities might become too fragile, up to the point of breaking. Digital transformation will tip the balance, and we’ll see more businesses moving their critical apps, successfully to the cloud in 2017.

We need to remember IoT and Big Data are two sides of the same coin and taking into consideration the high number of connected devices, the IoT would suffer without Big Data. Recent studies forecast that by 2020, the Internet of Things will generate 4.4 trillion GB of data and more than 20 billion of devices will be connected to the internet. This is why you will see big things in 2017 with Big Data and IoT!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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