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State of AI-based Technologies in 2020

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State of AI-based Technologies in 2020

While most of the tech companies have seen the social and economic opportunities of deploying AI-based technologies, the concept of living in a world driven by AI is still something not only businesses but also global leaders have to work on. Even though it is a controversial topic, the impact of AI technologies on business is expected to increase work productivity and one of the proof points lies in the high number of 80% of U.S. CIOs admitting to increasing their use of AI and machine learning during the following year, according to a recent survey

AI-based technologies featured in 2019
AI-based technologies accelerated the retail, healthcare, logistics and fintech sectors.
This year's expectations from AI-based technologies

Is your company planning to implement or to develop an AI strategy for its development to be in line with trends that bloomed in 2020? Share with us what your experience has been so far with AI-based technologies, in the comments section!

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