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DNA Sequencing in the Cloud

DNA Sequencing in the Cloud

In the last couple of years, cloud computing reshaped the healthcare industry, enabling easier access to all electronic medical records and effective storage of all information and data. According to a study conducted by Transparency Market Research, the healthcare cloud computing market is going to evolve further, reaching up to $6.8 Billion by 2018, which is just around the corner. It is very easy to see why this multi-billion industry welcomes, with open arms, agile environment.

  • The need to access huge amount of information and data
  • The need to quickly share all the necessary information anywhere
  • The need to cut costs
  • The need to ensure the maximum security for in-house medical records

Cloud computing answers the most critical needs the healthcare industry needs to improve its efficiency.

DNA Sequencing moving to the cloud

DNA sequencing refers to the order of DNA building blocks, which can be considered a blueprint of an individual’s genetic code. Information such as our physical aspect, our lifetime expectancy and diseases we might be predisposed to, are all written in our DNA. Thanks to today’s technology, scientists are able to sequence large amounts of DNA which helps them make important breakthroughs such as identifying possible disease-causing mutations. I feel like I need to emphasize how important DNA Sequencing is and how cloud computing can bring it to a whole new level.

First of all, DNA Sequencing is developing at a high speed, which means that in order to process all the vast amount of information and data, researchers need unlimiting processing power, and cloud computing is the technology that can provide it.

Using cloud computing for this type of research ensures high quality and accuracy of the processed information, as well as reducing the costs for the entire process. However, one of the main benefits that cloud architecture brings to this kind of analysis is hundreds of experiments processes at the same time, improving the researcher’s efficiency and the overall productivity.

It’s amazing to see how this technology can improve not only our business life but our life in general as well.

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