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Impressions from PESC and IBM conferences

Impressions from PESC and IBM conferences

Now that I’m back and caught up I wanted to mention the two conferences I attended late October. I attended the conference in Vancouver, as I am a Co-Chair of the CDS (Common Data Standards). The way the education industry exchanges data between organizations is antiquated and it is time for standards and services to be updated and provide an efficient and secure way to transfer electronic transcripts, applications and documents between commercial and education institutions. While attending the conference our group demonstrated a live solution and described our plan to release these standards and a registry server to market. ConnectEDU along with Parchment and other commercial organizations are working closely together as PESC CDS members to solve this problem. For more information on PESC, visit

The week after PESC, I was at the IBM On Demand Conference in Vegas. It was an interesting conference, you can see how much traction Big Data is getting in the market, the majority of the conference was focused on reporting and analytic solutions. While at the conference, ConnectEDU and IBM announced a very exciting new partnership. You can learn more about the partnership here:,83972

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