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Mobile telephony and globalization

mobile technology and globalization

Mobile telephony and globalization

mobile technology and globalizationMobile technology did not only improve business but it also transformed personal relationships. Technology is one of the leading factors in the evolution of globalization. But how exactly does mobile technology enable globalization? Here are a few facts.

To begin with, I would like to point out something that may seem obvious but helps achieve a better understanding of the globalization process enabled by mobile devices. Today, the use of the mobile phone is closely related to the use of other modern communication technologies such as the computer, the Internet and e-mail.

Technology has evolved to such an extent that mobile phones are used not only for family or business calls, but they are now a way of living. Mobile phones have become an important tool we can use anytime and anywhere and enable us to do various tasks all at the same time. As a portal for communications, messaging, entertainment and information, mobile phones have become the manifestation of the “digital age”.

Currently, the trend is to expand the traditional cloud services to the mobile world, adapting the cloud services to meet the requirements of the mobile environment. Therefore, new programs are being created just for the mobile technologies. In regards to this aspect, I believe that location-based cloud tools have a high potential for success.

Some major ways in which mobile technologies enable globalization are:

  • Expanding the productive opportunities of certain types of activities by enhancing social networks, reducing risks associated with employment seeking, and enabling freelance service work;
  • Transforming and reinforcing the social and economic ties of micro-entrepreneurs and making local economies more efficient;
  • Enabling mobility of businesses;
  • Extending the capabilities of mobile phones to entrepreneurship, banking, e-learning, and health delivery systems;
  • Increasing the frequency of people’s contact with friends, family, and existing business connections and facilitating new contacts with business partners, suppliers, and customers, no matter where they are;
  • Allowing for organization of activities on the fly.

To conclude my argument, mobile technology will continue to influence and enable globalization. And with the rapid expansion of mobile technologies, people from anywhere around the world will be able to benefit from their advantages. However, there is one last aspect I should bring into discussion: if you use multiple devices, you should always keep in mind security. It is advisable that you use a tool which protects all mobile or desktop operating systems.

Furthermore, the responsibility of the IT department is to implement strong policies for security and data privacy. All employees must be responsible, especially in terms of mobile devices, by making sure that a device does not get lost.

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