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Selling intelligently: AI is increasing your sales

Selling intelligently: AI is increasing your sales

Sales variability is important to understand when it comes to a business profitability. But it is difficult, even for humans. With all the intuition and creativity that we have, people would believe that marketing is a task kept exclusively for human hands. But the development of new technologies like artificial intelligence could be a game changer: if a business wants to experience success, then AI needs to be a top priority to increase sales.

We hear about AI every day it has changed the way businesses operate, especially when using Big Data and deep learning tools. Whether a company follows a B2B or a B2C model, AI systems will accelerate sales tools and systems. Here is a list of things AI could improve for this subject.

Providing accurate information about prospects

Marketing specialists see potential leads as being very important. They could come from a variety of channels such as social platforms where businesses are promoting themselves, or email. When you introduce an AI system, the process can be validated automatically through data provided by several sources, which would help companies gather better data. This accuracy allows businesses to contact only the right prospects, disconnected phone numbers, deleted email addresses or calling people that have changed their positions are a thing of the past. This improves the overall success of the prospecting process.   

Productivity is improving through AI

Artificial intelligence systems work continuously, 24/7, 365 days of the year. They are never sick, do not take breaks, vacation days, and is always available when you needed. AI can replace employees that work on mundane tasks and help generate more leads while your sales team isn’t working. AI is not replacing people as much as it is complementing them and making their jobs more interesting while ensuring continuous workflow and improvements in their overall productivity.

Automated messages feel more real than before

Automation in marketing is not something new, there are plenty of programmed chatbots which answer chat messages.  Lead generation also has its AI. In this particular case, AI can show more specific messages, relevant to the lead’s needs. This strategy of using targeted messages has proven to be very helpful in increasing the conversion rate, because the potential prospects receive the message that is more likely to convert them and then, turn into a sale, based on the data identified by the AI.

An employee responsible for creating responses would need much more time to build personalized emails and with the proper tone of voice. According to Forrester research, 78% of the population checks their email multiple times using their smartphone, and sending personalized messages based on their online behavior is an effective marketing tactic.  Artificial intelligence is able now to create automation without affecting the human touch.

Missed opportunities are no longer a problem for AI

To generate viable sales leads, companies need six to eight touches and need to know the preferred times for contacting the potential leads, as well as the reply time. In B2B, email marketing campaigns need to be followed up on, and artificial intelligence can streamline this entire process.

Moreover, technology allows companies to reach out to prospects and follow up to those who showed interest, with high precision, and eliminating the contacts that don’t represent opportunities. Imagine a situation where an essential prospect shows high interest in the middle of the night. You could wait until the sales team arrives at the office and respond, and risk losing the opportunity or implement an AI system which can handle the conversations during the night, increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

When it comes to using AI for business, there are multiple topics to discuss. We should keep in mind that AI doesn’t need to replace people, just help sales teams create more favorable results. AI could enhance the sales performance and also add a personal touch in the process, which is the key to a successful business relationship.

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