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Socializing with AI technology is the new trend

AI technology

Socializing with AI technology is the new trend

We no longer need to adapt to technology because AI technology will adapt to our needs. The revolution we are experiencing every day isn’t about the dystopian future of machines controlling humans. It is about technology designed for the people, putting humans in control, not the other way around.  We are no longer waiting for things to happen, we create what fits our needs. By empowering people with this technology, businesses are transforming their relationships with society. Today, companies have already implemented new artificial intelligence technologies that are socializing like humans to improve the user experience.

AI technology is playing a variety of roles in the user experience

These intelligent and sophisticated interactions are good for the consumer. According to the Accenture’s study, Echo owners reported that the consumers’ buying decisions increased by 6% after implementation of this technology. There are roles that AI can play in the consumer experience, such as:

  • Curator: AI could suggest relevant recommendations based on the previous activities. Spotify, for example, can suggest weekly new playlists based on the user’s previous listening behavior and preferences.
  • Advisor: AI is learning from users and could guide them toward optimal outcomes. LettuceBot is very helpful for the farming industry. It can identify each sprout on a farm as a weed or a lettuce and provide optimal solutions for the farmers.
  • Orchestrator AI is learning from the past activities and collaborating tasks from multiple channels to reach the desired outcomes. Amazon’s Alexa can connect offline devices and objects in the house to create a personalized environment for the consumer.

AI technology is simplifying interactions

As the people interact more and more with technology, it becomes a distinction from the market competition. Now, companies face a new universal rule: adding AI in their strategy to enhance customer interactions.

The search technology, for example, is something companies are interested in because it simplifies interactions. Voice searches skyrocketed in the past few years. In 2015, there were more than 10% of the global searches made using voice. In 2016, Bing reported that 25% of the windows searches were made via voice, and Google announced similar results for mobile devices. This year there will be 33 million devices using voice-first technology, according to the latest VoiveLabs study. With this transformation, AI will set a new expectation for how we interact in the future.

Companies will invest more in AI technology. Accenture’s study revealed that 85% of the businesses questioned will increase their spending on AI in the next three years.

Multidimensional interaction

Artificial Intelligence relationships can grow across interfaces and communication styles: spoken conversation, gestures, text-based chats, and even virtual reality. This fact encourages stronger and more extended relationships while having a better customer experience. Of course, that leads to the point when people are more likely to make another purchase due to the high-quality experience they had in the past, increasing sales volumes.

Those natural interactions can also fill the gaps when it comes to accessibility, letting companies make all their products and services accessible to everyone. By extending personal experiences to each interaction, enterprises are opening the door to more satisfying interactions for each consumer based on their situational context. In this way, consumers can choose how they want to interact with a company at any given time.

We are witnessing another technological revolution. AI will become a key point of differentiation from the competition, and that’s why it must be included in the business strategy. AI is more than just another technology tool which increases efficiency. It’s about who you are as a company.

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